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It is important to keep this in mind. Not all foreigners will need a letter of invitation to enter our country. Those who have a reservation in a hotel, tourist accommodation or an organized trip, will not have to have this document. Only those who, without being EU citizens, intend to stay in a private home, will need an invitation letter. For example, in the house of a relative or a friend.

The rest of the tourists, those who spend their stay in a hotel or apartment, will not have to have this document. However, they may be required to make a reservation of the hotel or establishment where they will be staying.

The documents to be submitted with the request for the letter of invitation will vary depending on the National Police Station that will process it. However, the documents that are usually required are:

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The National Institute for the Defense of the Consumer and User – Instituto Nacional de Defensa del Consumidor y del Usuario (INDECU), the National Office of Identification and Foreigners – Oficina Nacional de Identificación y Extranjería (ONIDEX), and CADIVI were added as government entities that must cooperate in the processing of cases derived from the application of the Law.

A Cédula de Extranjería, which will serve as identification within Colombia, must be carried during the entire time of your stay in the country, and will be used to enter into contracts and open accounts.

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Extranjería (foreigner’s identification card), which will serve as an ID card while in Colombia. This card must be carried at all times while in the country and can be used to sign contracts and open bank accounts,

In a judgment of fundamental importance, the Estonian State Court (Supreme Court) declared unconstitutional and invalid two paragraphs of the Aliens Act that did not tolerate exceptions to the issuance of residence permits to aliens who had been members of foreign espionage services and who had therefore been qualified as

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The Ministry of Employment calculates this amount at 150% of the IPREM for family units of two members. This is both the applicant and the applicant. For each additional reunified person, 50% more of the IPREM is required, i.e., the applicant and two reunified persons (spouse and child) must have an income of more than 200% of the IPREM.  Within this income, the income contributed by direct family members living with the applicant will be included.

As you have been able to see, the procedures and requirements are numerous and the periods of time are very short. For that reason, to carry out all the procedures of family reunification with security, consult with an expert lawyer.

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That, in order to facilitate the access of foreigners to a regular situation, it is necessary to reduce the migratory categories, prioritize the principle of family reunification and establish procedures to obtain visas based on the principles of equality, speed, territorial deconcentration, quality and warmth services and simplification of procedures;

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That it is essential to have legislation that comprehensively develops the constitutional precepts on the rights and obligations regarding the recognition, attention and protection of persons in human mobility;

That, the actions aimed at improving the political, economic, social and cultural conditions of persons in human mobility in the societies of origin and destination are recognized as a fundamental contribution to the development of the peoples;

That, the National Assembly, in accordance with article 84 of the Constitution, has the obligation to adapt, formally and materially, the laws and other legal norms to the rights set forth in the Constitution and international instruments; and,