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Do you have a Mexican visitor visa for adoption purposes, temporary resident, temporary student resident or permanent resident? You must change it (exchange it) for your immigration document within 30 calendar days from the date of your entry at the office of the National Immigration Institute closest to your domicile.

In the case of being a minister of worship or belonging to a religious association, you must present the official letter issued by the General Directorate of Religious Associations of the Ministry of the Interior, in order to accept the payment in accordance with article 13 section IV of the Federal Law of Rights. Failure to present it corresponds to the ordinary payment of the temporary resident.

Note: The procedures must be presented only in original, and its annexes, in simple copy. If the interested party requires an acknowledgement of receipt, he/she must attach a copy to that effect. (Article 15 A section I of the Federal Law of Administrative Procedure).

Online: Start your application online, print and enter in person. In person: At the Institute’s office that corresponds to the interested party’s address. In case the location of the Representative Office that corresponds to you is far away, it is suggested to contact it via telephone, requesting information for an INM office closer to your domicile. By telephone: (orientation) 800 00 46264.

Foreigners office in Valencia

Dependents are understood to be family members whose economic support is provided by the EU person and who need material assistance to cover their basic needs. This dependency must be in the country of origin.

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The procedure to obtain the recognition of the right can be carried out telematically through the MERCURIO web platform. Once you have passed this stage, you will have to process the EIT in person.

To learn about the procedure related to obtaining the certificate of registration of citizens of the Union, access the information on the procedure where all the details on how to obtain it are described.

You will have to go to the MERCURIO web portal to submit the previously required documentation telematically according to the specific case and following the instructions of the server.

To learn about the procedure related to obtaining the certificate of registration of citizens of the Union, access the information of the procedure where all the details on how to obtain it are described.

Appointment from abroad

If the interested party was born abroad, a certified copy of the birth certificate issued by the consulates or by the consular section of the diplomatic representations of Mexico abroad or a certified copy issued by the Mexican civil registry office of the insertion of the foreign birth certificate must be presented. In addition, an equally certified copy of the birth certificate or copy of the certificate or declaration of Mexican nationality by birth of the father or mother must be presented. In the case of children of naturalized Mexicans, they must additionally present a copy of the letter of naturalization of the father or mother, if they were naturalized before the birth of the interested party.

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Sample invitation letter

5. The formal flexibility to which the public prosecutor’s office appeals prevents the alleged minor and his counsel from opposing the decree considering him to be of legal age. In the case of the arrivals at costs, there is also the circumstance that there is no appearance before the Prosecutor, who therefore makes the decision without having had the opportunity to hear the alleged minor. This issue, as V.E. knows, was the subject of a Recommendation in 2011, which was rejected: “Guarantee the hearing process at the beginning of the procedure by which it is agreed to carry out the necessary tests to determine the age. In this procedure, the interested party should be informed of the purpose of the procedure and the rights to which he/she is entitled, especially the possibility of making allegations and the possibility of appealing the decision issued by the Prosecutor to determine his/her age” (…..).

It is precisely this formal flexibility that prevents access to the courts to persons who claim to be minors, and who are therefore in a situation of extreme vulnerability.