Extranjería renovación nie cita previa

Unauthorized dni appointment

A person is looking for a previous appointment at the Immigration Office but, as he cannot do it, and it is urgent for him to renew his TIE or to have his papers in order, he goes to a third party who sells a previous appointment at the Immigration Office. Testimonies of those affected say that they pay up to 200 euros.

One of the proposals is to unify the procedures, that is to say, that the migrant has to go only once and not twice, as at present. It should be remembered that, in cities such as Barcelona, the average number of cards issued is about 440 per day.

What is currently worrying the agents of the National Police and the Ministry of the Interior is to know why there are certain people who know in time and even ahead of time, the time when the previous appointments at the Immigration Office are going to be issued.

Appointment from abroad

To renew your long-term residence permit, it is important that you request a prior appointment, since most police stations maintain this dynamic for this procedure. For this reason, and once your card is about to expire, it will be necessary to make an appointment.

Therefore, even if you try to make an appointment in another city, you should know that this action will be unsuccessful since you will not be attended, nor will you be able to renew your card in a police station other than the one in your city.

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Application for a foreigner’s identity number nie and certificates.

At the moment of finalizing the procedure, the original permit will be withdrawn and you will be given a provisional permit.    In approximately a month and a half you will have your definitive permit. You don’t have to worry about going to your local Traffic Office, we will send it to your home by mail.

If during the medical examination the doctor verifies that you suffer from an illness or deficiency that, although it does not prevent the renewal at the moment, is susceptible to worsen, the period of validity of your license will be shorter. The fee you must pay to renew it will also be lower.

Yes, for 3 months you will be able to drive with a provisional license. This provisional license is issued at the time of the procedure. In the case of a duplicate, we will give it to you when we attend to you at the counter. If it is a renewal, it will be issued by the medical center where you underwent the examination, and for new licenses, it will be issued by your driving school.

No. With the provisional license you can only drive within our borders. If you are going to drive abroad, you will have to apply for the International License, in any Traffic Office. In this case, you need to make an appointment online or by calling 060.

Police puerto del rosario nie

In order to renew the permit, the applicant must fulfill the initial conditions under which the visa was granted, i.e., maintain an investment of 1 or 2,000,000 euros; be the owner of real estate worth 500,000 euros; keep the investment project free of debts before the Internal Revenue Service and Social Security and obtain a favorable report from the Directorate General of Trade and Investment.

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